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Health & Safety Policy

'We worry, so you don't have to' - As Safety is our priority. We as an organization take the responsibility because good management involves setting standards. For us HSE holds same priority as other business targets. The Company abides by the guidelines so as to comply with all applicable HSE legislations, integrate HSE into every operation of the company, conserve resources by optimum use of energy and water, establish work procedures appropriate to each operation, develop and maintain management systems, develop and maintain emergency procedures and contingency plans, above all ensure zero accidents and injuries. M/s BB Electrotech Pvt. Ltd. affirms its commitment for safe and healthy workplace for all its employees as well as clients. We ensure that operations are to be carried out in such a manner that it does not harm or adversely affect the environment and protects environment, employees and community in general. Before starting the work, a detailed Pre-job meeting is held between us and the client Company. The employees are induced with General Safety Precautions to avoid the risk of sustaining an electric shock. Safety inductions and meetings are held, the workers undergo a site HSE induction before commencing any work. Information on specific safety aspects like working at heights, excavation, working with portable electrical tools, machines/equipment, and cranes to the concerned personnel initially and at regular intervals such as shift change is provided. HSE supervisor with 'Tool Box Meeting' provides all required training about the job and safety aspects. Also the Specialized training is given to deal with potential hazards. Besides its propagated that each person must take responsibility of his own health and that of others. Safe work procedures are followed with Personal protective equipment, Helmets, Safety shoes, goggles/face shield, hand gloves, Protective clothing, Ear plugs/muffs, respirators/masks, Safety belts/harness etc. During Road travel keep up Seat Belts, non-use of Alcohol, Defensive Driving. Health and Environment are kept up with House Keeping, 'No Smoking' Regulations and first-aid, Journey management and Emergency Preparedness with Information and necessary training on emergency preparedness and emergency procedures. Electrical related aspects all joints are properly insulated, portable hand-lamps are being used, all hand held electrical tools are in good condition and properly earthened, all grinding wheels/cutting wheels are regularly checked. The proposal of Environment Management Plan (E.M.P) aims to mitigate measures to restore and preserve the eco-system. The Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan (HSEMP) are aimed at mitigating the possible adverse impact of a project and for ensuring to maintain the existing environmental quality. This HSEMP has been created to facilitate the management of risks to health, safety and environment associated with Site personnel, vehicles and other.